Sunday, December 2, 2012

Staying Comfy in My Nike Sky-Hi

Cardigan: Hearts & Bows via ASOS | Shirt: Joe's Jeans | Pants: Paige Denim (similar here) | Wedge Sneakers: Nike

Just by looking at these high-tops, I'm sure it's hard to tell that they're actually hidden wedge sneakers! I've been loving the trend lately because I like the fact that you can get the look of elongated legs without looking too girly or dressed up in heels. 

I've been wanting to wear them out but hadn't found an appropriate time for it, so I decided to sport them out anyways on this rainy day. I really like that they're made of suede, my favorite kind of material for shoes, but it also means it's a little more high-maintenance than regular leather. I've been looking into buying one of those waterproofing sprays or suede protectants but haven't got around to actually purchasing them yet, any recommendations?

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  1. Love how you're working those sneaks! And cool trim on your sweater!

  2. Oooh I want them!! I have been looking for a pair that's subtle on the wedge part of the sneaker. I like these! :)

    I use the spray protectant from Nordstrom Rack for all my suede shoes esp for my Uggs. It is a grey can with a red label i think.. but yeah it works! Judging by how much it rains here in Seattle... I can see the raindrops rolling off. Haha.. I spray a few hours ahead so it can settle in and dry. Hope that helps!

    xo - Sheila

  3. Super cute!!

  4. Those Nike wedges are sweet! Some of the sneaker wedges I've seen blatantly look like they have a wedge, but I like how discreet your Nikes are :) As for suede protectants, I haven't used any but I heard that ReviveX Nubuck works pretty well. You can find it on Amazon.


  5. cool shoes!
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  6. cute sneakers :)
    what about falling each other?

  7. I need to get a pair of wedge sneakers! I am loving how you're styling them!

  8. Loving the sneakers, I want to try the trend too!

  9. Super cute look!! Love your wedge sneakers.

    With Love,

  10. Love your high top wedges~ I might have to get some because I can't stand looking short & I need some comfort ^.~

    Lovely post~


  11. Love your style Sarah.That Sneaker is to die for! Glad to find another amazing fellow blogger :-). I followed. If u have time, check out my blog :-). Have a wonderful night!

  12. I have been following the sneaker wedge trend for forever, but I still haven't taken the plunge and bought a pair of my own. But I will! They always look so awesome on everyone <3
    And thank you for your kind comment girl. You have no idea how much it meant just reading those kind words. I'll be explaining more in my next post, but I'll be alright. :)

    Trendy Teal

  13. I love your sneakers!! I've been in the market for a pair, but haven't bit the bullet yet, mostly because I can't decide on whether they are worth the price. These are fantastic, though!! You have such a terrific blog!

    Kate @ A Journey in Style

  14. Love your sneakers!

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  15. love these wedged sky dunks! i'm thinking of getting myself a pair too, the red/black ones. just waiting for the right time. =)

    xo, Carla

  16. I love how cute and casual this look is! The cardigan is really adorable on you :)


  17. Great post!


  18. Your sneakers are soo cute! They remind me of the Isabel Marant ones. But i like your's better :D

    Wanna follow each other? :D

  19. Those hightops are awesome!! I've always wanted to wear them and pair them with skinny jeans. Love your whole ensemble too. Thanks for this great post, you're absolutely adorable and I'm looking forward to more posts!


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