Hello there!

I'm Sarah, the creative mind behind The Weekend Diary.
I started the blog back in 2011 when I was in college to document some of my weekend shenanigans (hence the name of the blog) but it soon turned into a place where I can curate my ever-changing personal style.

I love experimenting with fashion and interpreting different trends to fit my personal taste. It's still a bit tough for me to describe my personal style in just a few words but I'm always opting for something comfortable and easy to wear. One of my favorite ways to create an outfit is to pair two seemingly different styles to create a perfect balance.

I want share my ideas and inspire others to step out of their comfort zone and try something new! Then you'll suddenly realize, your comfort zone was much bigger than you had thought :)

A few quick facts about me:
-My birthday is October 5th, yes I am a proud Libra!
-I hate cilantro and this is why
-I am fluent in Korean as I've spent most of my childhood growing up in Busan, South Korea
-I'm a mama to a Bichon Frise named Willy

Feel free to shoot me an email at Sarah {at} TheWeekendDiary {dot} com if you have any questions, comments or suggestions!